We live in the age of modernization when style and function are indispensable to our image and life. Unlike conventional eyewear, our stylish FAÇADE eyewear are truly unique, patented design glasses.



  • All FAÇADE eyewear will hang around the neck or stay on top of the head without any accessories ready for use wherever and whenever you need them. You never have to look for a pair of glasses again.



  • Our aerodynamic one piece FAÇADE eyewear frames are made with no screws or hinges with our breakthrough manufacturing technique, and they are virtually care free.

  • Three Piece Frame - Our conveniently foldable traditional three piece FAÇADE eyewear will also hang around the neck and stay on top of the head and are affordable.



  • All FAÇADE glasses are made with light and durable TR-90 Swiss memory frames, and are shaped for a comfortable wear throughout entire day.

  • FAÇADE Reading Glasses lenses are high quality Aspheric Polycarbonate lenses with blue light blocking and anti-reflective coating.

  • FAÇADE Sunglasses lenses are polarized

  • FAÇADE Computer Glasses lenses are HEV and blue-light blocking.


US Patents: D591331, D667865, D763943, 7347544, and one pending patent.


What some of our customers are saying:

I have just ordered my first pair of your reading and sunglasses online after buying a pair from a friend, I am addicted! I lost that pair in the Atlanta airport and I have missed them terribly. I'd like to share my enthusiasm!

(Connie, Alabama, USA, 8/24/2017)

I received the FACADE glasses today. I appreciate your quick response. I am amazed how comfortable they are!! Wonderful product... They are so stylish also... Thank you very much.

(Mayumi, Japan, 7/7/2017)

Since I received FAÇADE Readers in the mail, I have been using them every day. Surprisingly, they are so light and comfortable that I forget I am still wearing them on top of my head! 
Thank you for everything.

(Update - Rie, Japan, 1/6/2017)


I received the glasses! They look great... Whenever I look at the objects through my camera lens, I always have to take off my prescription glasses for hyperopia, but with FAÇADE glasses, I can leave them on! Also, I was planning to put them on top of my head to keep off my bangs with FAÇADE, and I have no problem doing so without having any pain at the back of my ears. The size is perfect, and I’m totally satisfied with the frame color that I selected. But I’m planning to buy a few more in different colors because they are so attractive. I really think FAÇADE glasses are going to be very popular! Thank you for all your assistance with my purchase. I will enjoy wearing them for many years to come.

(Rie, Japan, 12/28/2016)


For years I have had a problem getting glasses to fit me correctly - even custom ordered glasses from the optometrist. I finally learned that the reason glasses made for adults do not fit my face is because of the length between the nose piece and curvature of my ear. Consequently, I have solved this by ordering children sized prescription glasses. However, drugstore reading glasses slid down on my nose. Your glasses fit me perfectly. Although I realize they were molded for "adult-sized" faces, the way they fit my face has been an unexpected surprise! Your design has dealt with my problem beautifully - and the fact that they hang around my neck when I'm not using them makes them exceptionally practical. So thank you!

(Dorit, California, USA, 10/31/2016)


When I work around the house on weekends, wearing the reading glasses became indispensable in recent years. The reading glasses I use for reading do not work when I move around doing the repairs because those conventional glasses keep falling off from the top of my head. I have been searching on Japanese website for a suitable glasses, but I haven't found anything that would meet my needs, so I was going to give up. But then, I found FAÇADE website and decided to order the glasses. During the process of my order, I was asked about the size and the shape of my head for a better fit. I was impressed about the quality of FAÇADE’s customer service. When I received the glasses, they were so comfortable and fashionable that my wife gave me a compliment.
Thank you very much, Ms. Itakura.

(Mitsuhiro, Japan, 10/11/2016)


"Loved that they stay around my neck without holders! No chains and they stay around my neck - genius idea."

(Judy L, Charleston, South Carolina, 4/3/2016)


"FAÇADE glasses are great for me. I am out doing some construction and need a little help at times. ​The design is so functional and the style is superb. This is a great product. Congrats! "

(Pete, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 2/12/2015)


"I love my Facade readers. I often wear shirts without pockets and used to wear my old glasses hooked on my shirt collar and they would fall down when I bent forward. This was even a problem when I would lean too far forward and the old glasses would fall out to the ground. The Facades are great and I just put them on my neck and they never fall off."

(Jay, California, USA, 2/11/2015)


"I love my Façade Readers! Most importantly for me, they look great! If one has to wear glasses, they may as well be fashionable. Their functionality matches their design style with the quality lenses and how they don’t fall off my face or slide down my nose. The range of colors makes them a fun fashion statement - and the only thing I need is to own them in sunglasses!"

(Gina, California, USA / 2/7/2015)


"I was wearing FAÇADE Readers on top of my head the other day, but my friend thought that I was wearing a stylish headband. I put my sunglasses on and started playing tennis. What's funny was I totally forgot that I was also wearing my FAÇADE Readers on top of my head until the end of the 1st set. I was running around all over the court, but they didn't come off."

(Update - Yoko, Japan / 1/15/2015)


"I have been wearing a granny chain with my previous reading glasses, but it used to get in my way and get tangled up often. With FAÇADE Readers, I can wear them on top of my head or around the neck, and they don't leave the marks on my nose. I own two pairs and switch betwee green frame or black/red frame depending on the clothes I wear... "

(Yoko, Japan / 11/19/2014)


"I'm wearing my FAÇADE Readers everyday now. I don't get irritated trying to find my reading glasses any more."

(Update - Masatoshi, Japan / 1/4/2015)


"I wore my FAÇADE Readers all day at work today for the first time. When I'm not using them, I realized that I didn't have to worry about them falling off my neck wherever I go. But by habit, in the beginning, I found myself trying to fold them into my pocket. "

(Masatoshi, Japan / 11/17/2014)