Customers' Feedback


I had no problem finding my reading glasses at home or work, but when I was going out, I always had to hunt for the reading glasses in my purse just to be able to read the menus under the dim light in some restaurants or check the price tags and product descriptions in the stores, so it was frustrating.

I then found your company’s reading glasses. Perhaps because of my head shape, when I would put my old glasses they would slide down, so I was a little apprehensive about your glasses as well. But I thought that even if I could not wear them on top of my head, I would still hang them around my neck, so I decided to try them.

Also, it didn’t look good to go out and walk around with the reading glasses on my head, but I had no problem doing so with your glasses. I was surprised how comfortable they were on top of my head, and they didn’t fall off, so it was very convenient. The Asian size frame was perfect, and the purple-and-black frame color didn’t look too flashy. But since I have a small nose, they have a tendency to slide down, so I bought an adhesive Silicon pads to make adjustments for my nose bridge, and now everything feels perfect.

Now I don’t leave home without my new glasses. I would like to purchase different frame colors in the future. I had a great e-mail communication with the customer service who answered all my questions and addressed all concerns, so I had no hesitation of purchasing from your store.

I am totally satisfied with my purchase.

H.T.  Japan, 2/16/2016